2015 Global March ATX

Inspired to take action, locals came out to March Against Extinction! Our three March Speakers shared inspiring stories about what we can do to stop the slaughter. We marched from the Texas State Capitol to Scholz Garten for raising awareness and funds to support the best conservation NGOs working on the front lines to save species. Join us in 2016 for our next march!


From Around the World

Created in 2013 by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and its iWorry campaign, The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos has evolved into a powerful grassroots movement. The March provides people from around the world information and tools to come together as one voice to demand action for protection of elephants and other wildlife. Over 130 cities marched: Map.

World's Largest Costume Party

What could be more fun than a costume party... especially for a good cause! Let your imagination run wild this year at our first Keep Austin Wild! Elephant Walk! Look for upcoming dates on our Calendar page and best costume ideas right here! All species welcome! Whoever wears the Pangolin costume, we applaud you! And there will be a PRIZE for best costume! Go for it!