Global March ATX Sponsors

The Global March for Elephants & Rhinos wishes to thank our Sponsors for contributing to our worthy cause. Please visit their websites for information about their products and services:

• Capital Printing Company

• ImageCraft Exhibits

• BumperActive

• Tesoros Trading Company

• Tejas Sound

• Lisa Hoffner

• Afro Caribbean Soul Collective

• Reggie Mahadeo, Farmers Insurance

• Sheila Westerholm Smith Insurance




Partners for Wildlife ATX Program

PLEASE JOIN PARTNERS FOR WILDLIFE ATX: Annual $100 Membership Fees fund The Global March ATX’s educational outreach, animal advocacy, music and entertainment programs designed to support conservation of endangered species and the world’s most threatened wildlife. For details, click here for Partners for Wildlife ATX Overview. Please join with us to make a difference. Sign up online through our donation page. 

Local Sponsorships

The Global March ATX looks forward to establishing our presence and additional sponsorships here in local and surrounding communities. We hope to inspire and work with the Austin Tech Community to bring innovative technology to support conservation fieldwork to save species. Please sign up for our first save species challenge:

ATX Tech-to-Save-Species Challenge: The Global March ATX and Wild in Crisis APP Series invites the Austin Tech Community to partner with us to launch the world's first ATX Tech-to-Save-Species Challenge. Let's see some real creativity to save species! Drones? Camera Traps? GoPro Camera Collars? Unmanned Aerial Vehicles? APPs to Detect Illicit Ivory? Show Us Your Innovation! For Details, see our Calendar of Events Page.