The content of this page will be a work in progress as we assemble the best tools and resources for the Public to take effective action to save wildlife. Join us! 

Get Informed:


Click for overview of the Global March and crisis facing wildlife.


Save the Elephants (STE) Elephant News Service 

Born Free Ivory Trade News

Elephants in Peril


Among The Elephants

National Geographic, A Voice for Elephants: Researchers, conservationists, and others share stories, insights and ideas about Our Changing Planet, Wildlife & Wild Spaces, and The Human Journey. 


Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) provides the Public with an excellent opportunity to meet world-renowned wildlife conservationists during their yearly EXPOs. Please visit their website for information on the upcoming Expos. 


Gardeners of Eden

Lasts Days of Ivory

Blood Ivory

Warlords of Ivory

Battle for the Elephants

White Gold

Soul of the Elephant

Poaching Wars

How Killing Elephants Funds Terrorism

Where Have All the Elephants Gone

Trophy Games


AWE.NEWS saves vanishing species by using art to educate children, educating the public on vanishing species, adopting orphaned wildlife and using marketing expertise to develop videos for the best conservation non-profits.

EduTech: Wild in Crisis: The Ivory Poaching Crisis APP features interviews, articles, slide shows, excellent tools and how-to guides to save elephants. Unique resource to learn about the poaching crisis and take effective action: Update to launch soon for all platforms. 

Support Innovative Technology to Save Species:

UAVs Catch Poachers in their Tracks: UAV & Drone Solutions’ (UDS) Air Shepherd programme, founded by the Lindbergh Foundation and developed to protect elephants and rhinos from poaching by using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), was presented with an Edison Award on 17 April at Capitale in New York City.

New Poaching Prevention Tool Uses Space Technology: A drone-based technique developed by the astro-ecologists allows access to large, hard to reach areas to monitor wildlife without disturbing the animals. It also helps ecologists observe and identify the animals at night when poaching typically occurs.

From Wildlife Protection Solutions: APP to Detect Threats to Wildlife: wpsWatch utilizes remotely deployed field cameras to transmit real-time images of wildlife and potential human threats to a centralized or mobile monitoring system.

Law Enforcement: APP to Detect Illicit Ivory: CHIANG MAI - Researchers at Chiang Mai University have developed the world's first software application to quickly distinguish between Asian and African ivory, offering an effective tool to combat the trade in illegal ivory.

Act for Wildlife:

Join the Global March: The local Global March ATX marches in solidarity with The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos International in over 150 cities around the world (See Global March map). For specific goals and strategies, please visit Global March for Elephants and Rhinos Intl website. And please visit our Gallery page to view marches from Perth to Pittsburgh to New Orleans to Chad! 

Take Action: See the Born Free website for excellent tips to take effective action. See more action Items below.

Sign Petitions: See list on the international GMFER website for petitions. Visit links for petitions:

Fundraise for Wildlife: Enlist your neighborhood clubs and local organizations to raise awareness and funds to support wildlife conservation charities working on the front lines.

Adopt Baby Elephants and Rhinos: Visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Rhino Orphanage to adopt rescued wildlife in support of their work. 

Join Tweet Storms & Social Media Campaigns: Tweet for Wildlife at the GMFER website link. Follow effective campaigns in progress on Facebook.

Volunteer and Join Events and Campaigns for Wildlife: The iWorry campaign and others provide powerful tools and guidance for making a difference.

Write to Ambassadors, Heads of State, Policymakers: Please visit the Global March international website links for information and action items such as letters, emails and other means to directly lobby policymakers to save wildlife. 

Support Cultural Change in Asia to End Demand: Visit the WildAid website for information on their projects to end demand for ivory and rhino horn. 

Support Park Rangers and Staff: Visit the Black Mambas website and other Ranger websites to support their work.


Support Wildlife Conservation NGOs:

This list represents some of the best conservation non-profits working on the front lines. 


Save the Elephants (STE)

Elephant Crisis Fund (WCN)

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)

Amboseli Trust for Elephants

Big Life Foundation


SOS Elephants

Elephants Alive

African Wildlife Foundation


Tusk Trust

Born Free Foundation

Elephants Without Borders

The Tsavo Trust

A Space for Giants


The Rhino Orphanage

Save the Rhino International

International Rhino Foundation

Saving the Survivors

Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage

Project Rhino KZN


Lion Guardians

Lions: Wildlife Conservation Society


National Geographic: Big Cats Initiative

Panthera: Project Leonardo


The Black Mambas

Walk With Rangers


The Last Great Ape Organization

International Anti-Poaching Foundation

The Green Line Foundation

International Ranger Federation

SANParks Honorary Rangers